A few months ago after a breakup with my boyfriend, I told one of my best friends that I couldn’t help but miss my ex and wondered if we’d get back together. And my friend gave me the best piece of advice that I found myself thinking about today. He told me, “When you’re 35 and he’s 35, will he be the absolute best person for you?”
At the time I sighed and weakly said “I guess not..” not really sure if I actually thought that but I knew it was the answer I should have given. But today, I sat here, almost a year after the break up and thought, “No. There was no way even if we got back together now – there is no way he’d be the best person then. He’s not even the best person for me now!” That was really empowering. I move on more and more every day. And while I’m sure he moved on very shortly after our break up, I’m still healing and recovering and learning so much about myself along the way. So even though sometimes I miss being in a relationship, I am enjoying this time of self discovery that I wouldn’t have reached without my breakup.


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