Life Plans

I used to be really set on what I wanted to do with my life – career wise anyways. Since I was 13 I knew what I wanted to do. But recently, now that graduation is approaching I am second-guessing myself and rethinking my whole life plan. I have so many options but the things I want to do make no money and the things that pay a good amount of money are things I’m not really interested in. I used to be dead-set on working and then going back to school and getting my masters and being able to be a professor when I retired but I just don’t know if I’m going to be motivated enough to do that. And I can’t just go straight to grad school because I have to pay off my loans so I don’t accumulate more interest. I have a bit to figure it out but I’m kind of stressing. I guess worst case scenario I can always sell my eggs (and definitely not tell my mother). Guess I’ll see what’s in store.


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