I have always been a very dependent person. I am very much not independent, that’s how I’ve always been. Then after a particularly nasty break up, I couldn’t take it. I started isolating myself. Cutting so many people off. Spending most of my time alone, because I needed to stop being so damn dependent on others. It’s a sort of discipline training, not talking to people for days, weeks. Going places by myself. Lots of time reflecting on who I am and what I want. It’s important to me that I can handle being alone, because we all die alone. I will probably end up alone. I don’t want children. I probably wont get married. I think it’s important for me to prepare for being alone. Spend more time alone. Get to know yourself, your strengths and all of your weaknesses. Discover you. It is so important because really all you ever truly have is yourself. Get comfortable with yourself, take yourself out, do things you enjoy alone. Learn that you do not need another person to make yourself happy or to make your life worthwhile. Find happiness in being alone.


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